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StrangeLove Coastal Tonic
Premium Mixer
180ml x 4btls

StrangeLove Coastal Tonic


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StrangeLove Coastal Tonic – A dry, low-bitterness tonic that – through a unique blend of delicate coastal botanicals – heroes the nuances of any top-shelf gin.
With a lively citrus backbone of Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot – emboldened by herbaceous, green undertones of old man saltbush, coastal thyme and sea parsley – StrangeLove Coastal Tonic is perilously hard to make, yet surprisingly easy to drink. It’s a tonic water that accentuates, rather than dominates, any classic gin.
The unique acid profile of this tonic (a proprietory blend of tartaric and malic acid) results in a short-lived bitterness, with the finish instead giving way to a crisp, fresh mouthfeel with a wonderful, delicate salinity that accentuates the delicate characteristics of your gin, while maintaining it’s original intent.
Contains a slightly pretentious pinch of Murray River Pink Flake Salt, because salt clearly makes everything in life more enjoyable.