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Proud Mary – Wild (Filter) | Burundi | Nemba (250g)
Filter Coffee
250g x 1 pack

Proud Mary – Wild (Filter) | Burundi | Nemba (250g)


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Proud Mary – Wild (Filter) | Burundi | Nemba (250g) – Nemba washing station is in the northern province of Kayanza, an area famed for producing high-quality specialty coffee in Burundi. The farms delivering coffee cherry to Nemba are all located 1700+ meters above sea level near the Kibila forest. Nemba’s manager is also an agronomist, which allows them to educate farmers on best practices for their specific growing conditions and ensures they have access to farming equipment and organic fertiliser made from coffee pulp. This lot was natural processed where the whole coffee cherries are fermented and dried, creating a fruitier coffee.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate & blueberry

Filter & Drip

1:17 Ratio – 15g per 250ml (1 cup)