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Proud Mary – Ghost Rider (250g) with Oatside Barista (2x 1L)
Blend Coffee
250g x 1 pack

Proud Mary – Ghost Rider (250g) with Oatside Barista (2x 1L)


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Proud Mary – Ghost Rider (250g) is designed to cut through milk and create a sweet and fruity latte or espresso. Its flavour profile is exciting and easy to brew – a coffee for the adventurous!
Ghost Rider is comprised of natural processed coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia. Brazil brings the base notes of milk chocolate and a syrupy mouthfeel – Ethiopia brings the high fruity notes of red grape and blueberry. This fine recipe won the Golden Bean Award in Australia in 2013 and then went on to win three more gold medals back-to-back!

Pack includes: Choice of 2x 1L Oatside Barista (default) or 2x 1L Oatly Barista

Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, red grape, blueberry, & syrupy


70% Brazil Mantiqueira de Minas Natural | 30% Ethiopia Jabanto Shashamene Natural