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Proud Mary – Curious (Filter) | Brazil | Fazenda Vinhal (250g)
Filter Coffee
250g x 1 pack

Proud Mary – Curious (Filter) | Brazil | Fazenda Vinhal (250g)


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Proud Mary – Curious (Filter) | Brazil | Fazenda Vinhal (250g) – Fazenda Vinhal was founded in 1988 in the famous coffee growing state of Cerrado Mineiro. Today, the farm is managed by Rafael Vinhal, but his whole family works in different areas of the business. Over the years, Rafael has made a significant effort to adopt the best sustainability practices for the environment, and now his coffee holds three different certifications, including the well-known Rainforest Alliance.  
Recently Rafael has been experimenting with different processing methods to create new and exciting flavour profiles that transcend what is traditional from Cerrado. This Icatu lot has undergone a double washed fermentation process creating a very sweet coffee with chocolate, coconut, and floral notes.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, coconut & floral

Filter & Drip

1:17 Ratio – 15g per 250ml (1 cup)