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Proud Mary – Curious (Espresso) | Brazil | Fazenda Bateia (250g)

Espresso Coffee
250g x 1 pack


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Proud Mary – Curious (Espresso) | Brazil | Fazenda Bateia (250g) – Coffee from the mountains of Espírito Santo tastes so distinct from other areas of Brazil. This Red Catucaí from Valdeir Tomazini epitomises that profile with a brighter acidity and fruit-forward notes.  
The Tomazini family began growing coffee two generations ago with Valdeir’s grandfather, Thomas. Today, the same farm is maintained by Valdeir, his wife, Maria da Penha, and their two children. Always looking for ways to improve quality, Valdeir is currently working with researchers to see what other varieties grow well in his region. He has planted more exotic varieties like Castillo and Geisha. If we are lucky, we could be seeing some of the first Geisha out of Espírito Santo in a couple of years!

Tasting Notes: Red currant, apple & silky


Ratio 1:2.5