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OFFBLAK Earl Grey & Rose Black Tea

1 box x 12 pyramid teabags


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OFFBLAK Earl Grey & Rose Black Tea – When we were creating Future Is Pink, we wanted to make a product that would make you break up with your morning rut. A taste of this naturally high caffeine breakfast tea will make you slide on your trainers and run like the wind. Okay fine, more like a light breeze. What’s more, the tea’s natural scent of earl grey, pink rose and lemon make you feel like you are jogging in Regent’s Park, through the masses of floral bushes, buds and petals. All that in a tea? The answer: yes.
Contains Caffeine. Vegan Friendly. No Artificial Flavourings.

Feels like: A morning jog in the park.


Black Tea (91%), Lemon Peel, Lemongrass, Rose Petals (2%), Flavourings