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OFFBLAK Cranberry & Cinnamon Herbal Tea
1 box x 12 pyramid teabags

OFFBLAK Cranberry & Cinnamon Herbal Tea


OFFBLAK Cranberry & Cinnamon Herbal Tea – You have set your Automatic Reply for Out of Office. You packed your things, headed to the airport and gotten into your seat. You put on your noise-cancelling headphones. Vacation mode is officially turned on. That’s what drinking Cranberry & Cinnamon flavoured rooibos herbal tea feels like. Join the abyss of relaxation when you brew this tea and smell its aroma – you will practically be gaining annual leave! Smart, eh?
ZERO Caffeine. Vegan Friendly. No Artificial Flavourings.

Feels like: Vacation mode “ON”.


Rooibos (60%), Apple Pieces, Cinnamon (10%), Hibiscus Flower, Flavourings, Cranberry (1%)