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Oatside Coffee Latte Pocket Packs (200ml)
Oat Drink
200ml x 24pkts

Oatside Coffee Latte Pocket Packs (200ml)


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Oatside Coffee Latte Pocket Packs (200ml) – Imagine a world where oat milk is the default in your latte. Now click add to cart for this new Oatside Pocket Pack. Because dreams do come true. We’ve gone out and found ourselves a unique, expertly roasted mix of coffee beans that work perfectly with the creamy, delicious goodness of our Barista Blend oat milk.
We don’t recommend drinking all 24 x 200ml Oatside Pocket Packs at once, but if you want to challenge yourself, we’re not going to stop you. An Oat Latte goes great with good company, so share them, but only if you want to.


Oat Base (Water, Oat (10%)). Canola Oil, Palm Sugar, Sugar, Coffee Extract, Dipotassium Phosphate Stabilizer, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Coffee Flavouring, Salt